This website on computer-aided design, manufacture and engineering has been created to support linkedin groups in Computer-Aided Design, Manufacture and Engineering.

Linkedin groups provide a forum for members to cummunicate and discuss relevant topics. In the following paragraphs the linkedin groups are described. By clicking on the title you will be takedn to the group to find further information and given the option to join.

Computational Mechanics

Computational methods in Mechanics: Structures, Fluids and Thermal problems

Simulation in Energy and Environmental Research and Development

This group is for those with an interest in using simulation software, algorithms or mathematical modelling in the field of electricity or electronics. The domain of interest could be any electrical or electronic device or circuit and any electric/magnetic/electromagnetic field.

Simulation of Electrical/Electronic Circuits, Devices and Fields

This group includes discussion on all types of computer-based simulation methods applied to any area of science and technology in the generation and consequences of energy research and development and on any aspect of the built or natural environment