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New Challenges in Tribology IET Birmingham Austin Court 14-15th March 2018

Freestudy : free tutorials on engineering and science

Hybrid Acoustic Modelling of Historic Spaces Using Blender

High Performance Computing (free e-book)

Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDEs (free e-book)

Monitoring system for photovoltaic plants: A review

Excel for Scientists and Engineers Numerical Methods (free e-book)

World Nuclear News

Axioms - Open Access Journal

The multiple-scale polynomial Trefftz method for solving inverse heat conduction problems

Perceptual Spatial Audio Recording, Simulation, and Rendering

mathcentre website

The Effect of Flow Circulation on the Scattering of Landing Gear Noise

Simulating Rigid Body Fracture with Surface Meshes

Numerical Methods Website

UCLan team tests graphene materials for aerospace applications

Solving large-scale finite element nonlinear eigenvalue problems by resolvent sampling based Rayleigh-Ritz method

Environmental Attitudes in the UK Nuclear Energy Industry

Multipath Modeling of Automotive Power Line Communication Channels

Manipulation of Backscattering From a Dielectric Cylinder of Triangular Cross-Section Using the Interplay of GO-Like Ray Effects and Resonances

Ultrasound wave transmission between human tissues using the boundary element method

An improved regularization method for initial inverse problem in 2-D heat equation

Simulation and control of Solar Wind hybrid renewable power system

Nuclear Gateway: Releasing Potential into the Nuclear Industry (UK)


Extensions to the Mode Matching Method for Horn Loudspeaker Simulation

Aircraft Noise Shielding Assessment : The creation of a software tool to predict aircraft noise shielding

Vibration and sound radiation of an electrostatic speaker based on circular diaphragm

Influence of nature of core on vibro acoustic behavior of sandwich aerospace structures

Symmetry accounting in the integral-equation analysis of lasing eigenvalue problems for two-dimensional optical microcavities

Contour integral based Rayleigh-Ritz method for large-scale nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Numerical and Experimental Study on Vibration and Noise of Embedded Rail System

On uniqueness of numerical solution of boundary integral equations with 3-times monotone radial kernels

Experimental and analytical modal studies of vibrating rectangular plates in contact with a bounded fluid

CFD Analysis of UAV Flying Wing

Computationally Efficient Boundary Element Methods for High-Frequency Helmholtz Problems in Unbounded Domains


Boundary Element Method of Modelling Steady State Groundwater Flow

Analyzing Method Efficiency for Power Transformers Insulation Design

A particle accelerated CFD-BEM technique applied to aeroacoustic scattering

Vibro-acoustic analysis of free piston engine structure using finite element and boundary element methods

The inverse solution of the atomic mixing equations by an operator-splitting method

Use of 3D Head Shape for PersonalizedBinaural Audio

Performance of Traffic Noise Barriers with Varying Cross-Section

First flight of UAV with graphene wing 2015

Computational representation of a realistic head and brain volume conductor model: electroencephalography simulation and visualization study

Simulation of the Acoustic Field of a Horn Loudspeaker by the Boundary Element–Rayleigh Integral Method

A New methodology to Teach Numerical Methods With MS Excel

Book: From Weighted Residual Methods to Finite Element Methods

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